Mentrum is a centre for adults in Amsterdam with a serious psychiatric disorder and/or addiction problems. We offer specialist intensive treatment, counselling and care.

For young people in Amsterdam suffering a first psychosis, Mentrum has what is known as a VIP team. VIP is a Dutch acronym for early psychosis intervention.

Arkin Ouderen (Elderly) offers a range of specialist treatments for the elderly with psychiatric problems.

Arkin Jeugd & Gezin (Youth & Family) offers a range of specialist treatments for children and young people up to the age of 18.

Outreach care

Not everyone contacts us of their own accord. Out of a sense of respect and based on our own social responsibility, we offer care, unsolicited, to people with serious psychiatric disorders who need assistance but who do not ask for or accept treatment, or who represent a risk to themselves and their environment.

Closely involved persons and organisations

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, everyone needs someone. For that reason, Mentrum includes the client’s environment in all its treatments. Family, close friends, neighbours and local organisations can all make an important contribution. But of course only ever in consultation with the client.